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Adventurous Things To Do in Italy

From historic monuments, palaces and religious buildings to stunning beaches, coastal walks and mountainside villas, Italy is a dream destination for honeymooners seeking adventure. Explore the caves in Le Marche. Hike the Dolomites. Go kayaking in Naples. Take a bike tour of Rome. Go scuba diving around the sunken city of Baiae. Paraglide over countryside valleys. No matter what you decide to do, the awe-inspiring outdoor adventures in Italy will stay with you forever.

The Basics for Every Italy Adventure

Time Zone: UTC +1 hour
Official Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Entry Requirements: Valid passport
Best Times to Visit: Summer

Italy Honeymoons

With so many bustling cities, seemingly endless countryside and "hidden gems," enlisting the help of a travel guide to curate the best excursions and activities can be wise. You'll be better equipped to narrow down the Italy honeymoon packages that make the most sense for you. Create an unforgettable Italy honeymoon itinerary and drive a Ferrari to attend a legendary night at the opera. Visit ruins of the Roman Empire. Head to Tivoli to check out the magnificent waterfalls and ancient Roman Amphitheatre. The possibilities are endless!

This trip is different. Make it count.

Craft your honeymoon with help from local experts.

Destination Weddings in Italy

Italian resorts offer a variety of all-inclusive destination wedding packages, which may include a rehearsal dinner, wine tour, wedding cake and the ceremony of your dreams. You two can exchange vows in an opulent palace, gothic cathedral or balloon floating over Florence. From traditional to adventurous, Italy is the perfect place to make your dream wedding come true.

Climate & Weather

Italy has three different types of climate: mild continental in the Po Valley, cold in the mountains of the Alps, and Mediterranean in the coastal regions. The weather varies considerably according to how far you are from the sea or mountains. Summers on the coast are hot and dry with refreshing sea breezes, while the Alps remain pleasantly cool. The Ligurian coast, the Neapolitan coast and Sicily remain mild and even warm in the winter. In contrast, winters in the mountains are ideal for skiing and snow activities.