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Botswana Adventures

With open land that stretches deep into untamed wilderness, you'll experience an idyllic mix of serenity and adventure in Botswana. This majestic destination is home to exotic wildlife, rich history, vibrant culture and warm hospitality. You can experience the excitement of exploration in diamond-bearing formations, expansive savannas, sand valleys and beyond.

The Basics for Every Botswana Adventure

Time Zone: UTC +2 hours; no DST
Official Language: Tswana, English
Currency: Pula; visit any bank, airport or exchange office
Entry Requirements: Valid passport, return ticket home and sufficient funds to cover stay; you'll need a visa for stays lasting longer than 90 days
Best Times to Visit: May through October

Botswana Honeymoons

Botswana is famous for its diverse landscape and romantic hideaways. You can enjoy a Botswana honeymoon safari, stunning sunsets, star-filled night skies, elegant dining and native wildlife. Accommodations are equally impressive with colonial hotels, romantic lodges, luxury camps and lavish suites full of grand amenities. Botswana honeymoon packages range from guided safari tours to romantic couple's massages if you're looking for a mix of excitement and relaxation.

This trip is different. Make it count.

Craft your honeymoon in Botswana with help from local experts.

Destination Weddings in Botswana

In Botswana, your destination wedding can take place in a setting of enchanting beauty. Choose an intimate ceremony with a cascading river as your backdrop, or a spectacular safari wedding in a national park. There are a variety of destination wedding packages and wedding coordinators available to plan and arrange an adventure you'll never forget.

Climate & Weather

Plan for hot, dry weather for most of the year with a rainy season in the summer months. Downpours can occur unexpectedly but are often followed by sunshine. Summer begins in November and lasts until March, with arid days and warm evenings. Winter starts in May and ends in August with warm days and cool nights.